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We Provide Assistance to Senior (wartime) Veterans, their Surviving Spouses and Families

We help Veterans and their families understand various benefits available to them. Unfortunately, many seniors are often unaware of some very useful benefits. For example, many 65+ senior veterans or their spouses may be entitled to a pension benefit called "Aid and Attendance" which can provide an income up to $2,121 a month!.

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Pension for Senior Veterans

To receive Pension, a veteran must have served on active duty (at least 90 days) during a period of war. There must be an honorable discharge. Single surviving spouses of such veterans are also eligible. If the individual is older than 65, there is no requirement for disability. Continue Reading...

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Aid and Attendance Benefit

Aid and Attendance (or housebound) benefits are additional payments paid beyond basic pension rates. "Pension" is paid to wartime veterans (65 and older) discharged from service under conditions other than dishonorable and have a countable family income below a specified limit. Continue Reading...


Kenneth R. Clark, CPCU, CSA, CLTC, Accredited VA Claims Agent

Ken ClarkI’m a VA Accredited Claims Agent; currently there are only 6 of us in Georgia and 116 in the United States. I will help any veteran who qualifies for Veterans Benefits for either Service Connected or Non-Service Connected claims. I specialize in working with veterans and their spouses for Non-Service Connected Claims. There are two types of Pension or Aid & Attendance Claims.

The first of these applications are for veteran’s households with low income and no assets. These do not require a rating but will result in much less income. Most Veterans can do these themselves, after being pointed in the right direction. Veterans with low income and no assets with a rating may require more help and I will be happy to work with them.

The second type of application is for households with higher income and/or disposable assets that are also incurring the high cost of long term care. These claims always require a rating, and you need my help.

The Income and Asset Test!
Income Test - The veteran’s household maximum allowable countable income must be less than the Maximum Allowable Pension Rate, which is $2,121 a month for a married veteran. A single veteran is $1,789 a month and the spouse of a veteran is $1,150 a month.
Asset Test – Generally, household cash assets or assets that can be converted to cash cannot exceed $80,000 for a couple. A Veteran Service Officer will decide on a case by case basis what the allowable level of assets should be; personal residence, vehicles and personal property are exempt from the Asset Test.

You Don’t Meet the Income or Asset Test?
Special Provisions for the Income Test – allows adjusting countable income downward for certain types of expenses. This requires a rating and special documentation. The VA does not disclose this special provision to the public. Household income of $2,000 a month to $5,000 a month or more can still qualify using this provision.

Strategies for Meeting the Asset Test – Assets can be gifted or converted to income to meet the asset test. There is no penalty for gifting assets. This must be done correctly in order to comply with VA rules and in anticipation of needing Medicaid. An expert is necessary to do this. The expert can also estimate the allowable level of remaining assets.

Our Help – Putting the Cart before the Horse – Prior to the application for a Claim with a rating, we do a survey to make sure that all the documentation is in order. 


I’m the Area Director of the Georgia Care Planning Council, An alliance of eldercare specialists and advisors that help families deal with the crisis and burden of long term care. We handle difficult problems and offer clear solutions. The Georgia Care Planning Council provides assistance to seniors and those who care about them—that is our mission because that’s what’s important to us. Check out our website at:

Give me a call: 877-831-2009

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